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What our Clients say!

“… is very talented in billing, operations, and project management services and [are] also very well respected in California Clinics.” – Silvia Siu, CFO

“[MMHCS] bring [an] important and relevant set of expertise and strong project management skills that can benefit any organization.” – Vanessicia John, MSW, MPA, Deputy Director, Clinical Affairs

“MacMan is a pleasure to work with. We utilize many of the services that MacMan offers. The training programs are excellent. Our staff are engaged and encouraged after attending one of the many sessions we have asked MacMan to conduct. MacMan also provides coding services. They helped us get through 6 months of backlog, and have since kept us up to date. As a general rule, I am reluctant to outsource services, but I was concerned about inconsistent coding practices in our health center and the backlog was too much to handle on our own. We made the decision to outsource clinical documentation review and coding services. Since then, I have been very pleased with the timeliness and accuracy of their coding review and have asked them to also help us with billing and claims backlog from time to time. We are a small office and this has helped us tremendously. MacMan has taken an educational approach to providing feedback to our team. MacMan also provides auditing services. MacMan has provided valuable feedback to help our new providers develop their documentation skills. MacMan Staff is very knowledgeable, hardworking, organized and professional. We are growing and changing every day, MacMan is very flexible and they have been able to accommodate our growth and sometimes crazy schedules. I highly recommend MMHCS.” – S. Nabhani
Director of Patient Financial Services
Cares Community Health

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