While we specialize in Community Health Clinics (CHC), we can assist in any medical environment. We are comprised of highly professional and experienced individuals in a variety of areas. These are our services related to our skills. Just click the links below to learn more about each service.


RCM Services
The revenue cycle isn’t just one component but many different units working together to create a smooth cycle of positive patient outcomes and steady positive revenue flow.


Billing & Coding Audits
A critical component of the RCM and QI piece is auditing. We perform both coding and billing audits designed to identify gaps and room for improvement in compliance and revenue.


Quality Improvement
Quality Improvement (QI) consists of systematic and continuous actions that lead to measurable improvement in health care services and the health status of patient groups.


Technical Assistance
We provide you with technical support in the areas of Billing, Coding, Compliance, Auditing, and more!


Operations Management
Every part and position in an office is necessary in maintaining a steady service flow. Have us assess and improve your operations, today!


Peer Review
Peer review is a great way to measure the quality of care rendered by providers. Peer review data is highly recommended as part of a provider’s performance evaluation and credentialing, especially for FQHCs.


Credentialing & Provider Enrollment
When dealing with government programs, it’s no wonder that some get frustrated or confused with their application. Let us take away the stress by doing the enrollment process for you!


Additional Services

These services include Quality Management, Project Management, and Compliance.