Why Peer Review?

MMHCS recognizes that Peer Review is a requirement for FQHC as a part of Quality Assurance/performance improvement plan which should be completed once a year. It is a measure of quality of care rendered by providers. Several aspects of Peer review covered in our model of service include medical records review, patient complaints and grievances, adverse clinical outcomes and potential adverse events at inpatient or outpatient level. Peer review data is highly recommended as part of a provider’s performance evaluation and credentialing.

Peer Review and FQHCs

We provide these unique services to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) which is led by our Chief Clinical Consultant Dr. Anil Chawla. Dr. Chawla joins us with 25 plus years of experience working in a FQHC with 20 years of experience as the Chief Medical Officer. She has extensive knowledge and implementation experience with JCAHO / NCQA as well as required expertise in HRSA and OIG regulations.

Meet Dr. Chawla

Dr. Anil Chawla has 30 years of experience in the healthcare field, experience that spans across Community Health Centers, Insurance plans, and Family Practices. During her tenure at Clinicas Del Real Camino as Chief Medical Officer, she played a pivotal role in the growth of the health center’s workforce service area. She provided supervision and oversight to all clinical disciplines, including: Dental, Mental Health, Pharmacy, and Optometry, as well as provided Quality Improvement, Utilization Management, and staffing for other sites. In her role at MMHCS, Dr. Chawla will be able to use her clinical skills combined with her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Her extensive knowledge is essential to peer review you!