MMHCS has a wonderful and experienced team of consultants ready to provide you with excellent service! Get to know a little more about our management staff below.

Jaspreet Sodhi
CEO & Founder


Prior to creating this new venture, Jaspreet Sodhi, Bachelors in Science and Masters in Public Health, has worked in the healthcare system within the areas of operations, clinical management, front and back office, and medical billing for over 15 years. As a youth growing up in New Jersey, Jaspreet was inspired from her personal experiences to work within the healthcare industry.


From this desire, Jaspreet started her career in the private practice environment, transitioning into hospital operations, and gradually getting exposure in community health centers.

While living on the East Coast in 2005, Jaspreet landed her first challenging but gratifying position as Director of Patient Financial Services at a community health care center. Providing leadership strategies, oversight to areas of operations, billing, and eligibility processes this position is where she discovered her true potential of interpersonal and interpersonal set of skills and delivered a new vision to the organization. Although, it was not her years of experience in the healthcare industry that led to her success but it was her ability to find an impact in the overall formula of sustainability. Soon the health center streamed lined its operations workflow to focus on accuracy, efficiency, and accountability. By this, the billing department decreased in days in accounts receivable and increased their cash flow in addition to improving the potential of the billing department structure, which was no doubt a team approach for achievement.

In 2007, she moved to California and took on a full time position as Quality Improvement (QI) Director at Central Valley Health Network (CVHN) where Jaspreet had an extraordinary opportunity in developing a QI infrastructure for newly conceived department. Soon she expanded the department along with spearheading the process of supporting QI growth in the member health centers. From 2009-2010 CVHN led the disease registry adoptions in some of the health centers and participated in the statewide population health initiative around diabetes management. The success of this initiative gave Jaspreet the opportunity to work closely with all participants as well as present at the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). During 2010 – 2013, the same initiative expanded too many other clinical and operational measures where Ms. Sodhi provided collaborative support while transitioning with CVHN in consulting capacity.

In April 2010, Jaspreet finally embraced her passion by opening her own consulting firm. She had the opportunity of taking her past and current interdisciplinary expertise in Billing, Finance, QI, and Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) by creating a new supportive solution for health care providers and the communities they serve.

Today, Jaspreet has built a team that reflects her passion, hard work, and determination on building and accomplishing high standards as professionals. Macman Management Healthcare Services continues to grow substantially while striving and maintaining its focus on its future success.

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Pravina Khalasi
Director of Operations


Pravina’s experience and individual determination has endowed her with a noteworthy understanding of Practice Management software and proper system utilization techniques for maximization of Revenue Cycle needs, efficiency, and revenue optimization. Her technical expertise has not only aided in the implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Practice Management (PM) software for clients but also enables Ms. Khalasi to provide high-level to detailed EHR and PM system training customized to the functionality of each clinic.


In Ms. Khalasi’s current role at MMHCS she provides Technical Assistance, System and Billing Training, Revenue Cycle Assessments, and Billing Analyses. With data analysis as her niche, she is able to provide clients with the best practice processes using her analytical and problem solving skills. In her first year with MMHCS, she has catered over seventeen (17) different Community Health Centers and has facilitated optimal efficiency and revenue per clinic.

Her passion for working in the trenches of the community is a constant drive to providing the best in Technical Assistance and RCM optimization.

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Dinorah de la Rosa, CCS-P, CMRS
Director of Client Services

dinorah-de-la-rosaDinorah de la Rosa is the Director of Client Services at MMHCS. She is responsible for designing and implementing appropriate business structures to ensure efficient operations that deliver the highest quality services to our client base, both in the Revenue Cycle management and proper coding.


She has over twenty-five (25) years of experience in Medical Billing and Coding and is CCS-P certified under AHIMA. Dinorah has worked in various levels within medical practices as part of the work force and as a Billing service owner. She has billed for providers specializing in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Laboratories, and several others.

Her extensive experience also extends to various Practice Management Programs including: IMS, Nextgen, Medisoft, Office Ally, Centricity, Practice Fusion, EZclaims and other.

Dinorah strives for optimizing the coding and billing processes for the improvement of the delivery of healthcare while meeting compliance with proper documentation in proving the medical necessity of care. She also has experience in curriculum development and maintenance and training various levels of clinical and administrative staff in insurances, eligibility, billing, and ICD-10 coding. Dinorah brings her experiences to everything she does enabling her to be an efficient and capable Director of Client Services.

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Vikram Singh, BS
Senior Billing Specialist

vikram-singhMr. Vikram Singh earned his Bachelors in Humanities and graduated in Law from the University of Delhi. With his 11 plus years of experience in the Healthcare Industry, Mr. Singh joined Macman Management Healthcare Services (MMHCS) in 2012 as a Senior Billing Specialist.


His immense work experience within the healthcare domain, including work from various specialty practices and experience working with payors and providers, has been a valuable asset to MMHCS’ work with multiple Community Health Centers (CHC). Mr. Singh’s knowledge of unique billing requirements was developed through his experience working with CHCs, more specifically Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and Rural Health Clinics (RHC).

This attributes to his unique, in-depth knowledge of distinct aspects of medical billing such as charges, payments, denials, and Accounts Receivable Follow-ups. His flair for research has proved a valuable asset for the company and its clients. With his excellent analytical skills, he has been able to produce comprehensive analyses of various activities and was able to highlight and resolve the issues related to Revenue Cycle Management.

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Kate Brandt, CCA, CMRS
Coding & Training Manager


Ms. Kate Brandt has been with MMHCS for the duration of her career. She earned her Medical Billing and Coding Certificate from MTI College and was hired into MMHCS’ Team after her internship. Her time with MMHCS has enabled her to grow into the position of Revenue Cycle Coder and Training Manager where she utilizes her coding expertise to perform Coding Audits, Provider Training, Encounter Finalizations and more.

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Her ability to code both diagnoses and procedures in both in-patient and outpatient settings stems from her comfortability with ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT, and HCPCS. In her desire to constantly improve these skills, she has both her Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS) through AMBA and Certified Coding Associate (CCA) certification through AHIMA and is currently working towards her CCS-P. With her skills and character, Kate has become a valuable asset to Macman Management Healthcare Services (MMHCS). Here, she is applying her skills and knowledge from a coding and technological standpoint in the medical setting. Kate says about her experience at Macman, “MMHCS has been a fantastic learning source and I look forward to growing and expanding my skills here while helping providers improve their practice.” We look forward to unlocking her full potential.

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Dr. Anil Chawla
Strategic Consultant

anil-chawlaDr. Anil Chawla has 30 years of experience in the healthcare field, experience that spans across Community Health Centers, Insurance plans, and Family Practices. During her tenure at Clinicas Del Real Camino as Chief Medical Officer, she played a pivotal role in the growth of the health center’s workforce service area.

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She provided supervision and oversight to all clinical disciplines, including: Dental, Mental Health, Pharmacy, and Optometry, as well as provided Quality Improvement, Utilization Management, and staffing for other sites. In her role at MMHCS, Dr. Chawla will be able to use her clinical skills combined with her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree to shape our market strategy.

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Amit Chawla
Business Advisor & Sales Consultant


Mr. Amit Chawla has joined out MMHCS team in the roles of business advisor and sales consultant. Through his experience as Senior Marketing Advisor to a number of small businesses located in Southern California, Mr. Chawla has extensive marketing and business development talents including his savvy sales and valuation skills pertaining to businesses and private practices.

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He also has direct industry transaction experience in both business services and healthcare practices. He has a passion for incorporating technology and BPO services to provide clients with the efficiency and flexibility required in the healthcare industry. His values and skills will make a wonderful addition to our Management Team.

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